how do i get more customers


How do i get more customers

The marketing market is vast, fuelled by the demand that people have for that specialist professionals who can help enhance their success. But also for many people and several smaller businesses, getting a professional marketing expert is out of their financial reach. Large businesses alternatively are content to use marketing experts or indeed dedicate entire departments of their business to marketing, safe knowing that the expense will probably be a lot more than composed through increased profitability.

Small business marketing
However for those smaller businesses that can't afford to expend large amounts of resources on marketing, quick and easy strategies can be quite useful. One such concept is named the marketing mix and it involves four different areas you can use to boost results. These four categories all begin with the letter "P" so can be also called the 4 P's.


Small business marketing
The spot in which a products or services comes is vital from a marketing perspective. Let's say you sell a physical product, consider different places where one can sell your product or service, whether it is an actual physical location for instance a shop or market stall or other locations for example through catalog shopping catalogues or the internet. Where you sell your product or service is of great importance as it can certainly enable you to increase your sales and profitability. Consider the number of customers you'll probably reach inside the different possible places, as well as the likely conversions you are going to get per customer. As an example on the web you might find that you simply reach a lot more customers than by way of a shop, however, you could have a reduced conversion rate so the shop could be the better choice. Another great idea is to think about using multiple places, e.g. selling items through a shop but additionally online, letting you reach two different markets.


The item or service that you are selling is absolutely vital. Regardless how strong your campaign is, if you don't have a very good product your clients are very unlikely to achieve in the long-term. Over a better note, when you have an excellent product then to some extent it's going to sell itself. If you look at a customer who may have obtained a brilliant new service you will recognise that they're certainly going to tell relatives and friends about it, effectively supplying you with free advertising.


Prices are another crucial part of the marketing mix, as it can enable you to adjust both the variety of sales you will get and the profitability of every sale. There are a wide array of different pricing strategies, each fitted to different sectors, businesses and products. The essential rule to keep in mind would be that the cheaper you sell a product, the higher the quantity of sales you are likely to make. The other way around, the higher the price you sell something on the greater the profit your family will enjoy per unit, however, you may overlook potential sales.


Promotional activities can make a massive difference to a advertising campaign as they assist you to dramatically improve your sales figures. Whether you choose to perform your promotional activities through traditional advertising providers including radio, TV or newspaper otherwise you choose other options for example internet advertising or direct mail, promotion can assist you reach a better number of people. You should work out which method is most reliable to your business as well as your product since this will change. As an example should you selling something online you very well may be best of focussing your time and energy on internet advertising. Alternatively if you possess a local shop then the local newspaper may well be a great way of attracting new business in a cost-effective manner.